Sunday, April 30, 2006

Introducing: African Mudskipper

Recuperating after a mindmeld
Who or what is African Mudskipper?
As some of you may be aware, this enigmatic fellow is one of the world's leading Macaroon experts. African Mudskipper is wise beyond his size. To the ouside world he is merely a respected academic expert on Macaroon behaviour, psychology and mind melding. However, I can reveal to the SUPER BLOGGERS CLUB that in reality his vast intellect and diminuitive frame carries the macaroon tradition and teachings of the ancient Lemurians into the 21st Century. My dehydrated state of being has the distinction of being his apprentice in safeguarding and selectively spreading this knowledge throughout the ages.

Evolving Mankind Through Macaroons and SUPER BLOGGING

Being thousands of years old, and the keeper of many secrets African Mudskipper is very wise and has decided finally to become an active Super blogger to help the blogging humanity evolve to a higher level of consciousness. He has answers to many of your questions...

African Mudskipper Meditates on the cosmic nature of the Macaroonus Spaghettius

Ok, so this guy's the receptacle of ancient & knowledge traditions, but what else does he bring to the SUPER BLOGGERS CLUB Table? Is African Mudskipper another world class poet like the Cloned Corpse of Marcus Tal, or a ruthlessly metrosexual Man-Tiger like the Dehydrated Corpse of Marcus Tal?

Consult the ORACLE that is African Mudskipper for whatever wisdom, knowledge and answers you seek...

As a great example of his wisdom, this ancient Lemurian hymn he has related to myself and the dehydrated one inspired the creation of this site and eventually the Super Bloggers club. We hope it can inspire you all to new heights of excellence in your personal and blogging lives:

Somewhere out there someone needs me.
I don't know how or where, but believe me.
I'll walk the universe to find her.
For better or for worse beside her.

For the honor of love.
By the power above.
I have the power.
I have the power.

A stranger walked into my world.
And when he talked, I really heard.
He spoke of things like love and peace.
The joy they bring will never cease.

For the honor of love.
By the power above.
I have the power.
I have the power.

The truth of love will always guide us.
It's strength above will be inside us.
Forever more we'll be together.
Our hearts will soar one to the other.

For the honor of love.
By the power above.
We have the power.
We have the power.
So can you

Monday, April 24, 2006

Cyberpoem Fantastique

Webpage and Internet Evaluation and ontology ?
Discussion Orientation are sinister powers angry?
Evaluating the materials?
Is a page posted? When was the material?
An e-mail epistemology?

Is not matter depending upon the material
in the content is there a warning sign
that outside or spurious information
may be the very nature of these pages

Websites assumed to various organizations
On the information unique
In physics, biology, genetics and history may yield a secret
Whilst evaluating the National Rifle Association and Government sites

The very nature of the very
Useful to prospective students,
Offering outlets to sell themselves
Concise Grammar of netizen banter selected
like Brideshead Revisited.

This material is a point of websites
The content however hard of information sources evaluating
Witterings and rants
Relentless, an online army of termites and ants
Grand schemata and afterthoughts
Behind the screen, and in reality, generated from ones and noughts

A poechemitical opus crafted by the Cloned Corpse of Marcus Tal

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Inexplicable Leonardo DeViceo

Dear Super Bloggers everywhere,

I apologise for not publishing my fine poems over the last week. I have recently suffered from Chocolate poisoning. The dehydrated one is investigating any signs of foul play as I write. Now that my blood sugar levels have normalised I bring the universe my latest object'd'art...

Inexplicable Leonardo DeVice at first glance,
appeared to increase gravity
Once with his cups outside,
Give little more slack than his face.
Four cans of probability
possibly have chucked the device to the dark side
And yet erect down in the water
over my first glance
A Mouse doth appeared to have eaten it

Anyway his unworn pants, surged over the front door,
Spinning around a door knob of turd with a fragile metal skin!
Leonardo Deviceo moans let me in...
Dark Champagne chocolate, stenchful hazelnuts
Natures Chocolate Without bothering
cross bred with pet macaroons from Brigadoon
It is fair to say with his mastery of weird science & prose
As one case is closed, Evil Bloggers are doomed...

A Poem by the Cloned Corpse of Marcus Tal inspired by the intense blog of Inexplicable Device

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Hounds of Kyahgirl

The Hounds of Kyahgirl

Characterised by Mother Hen’s Life in the prime of last week
Stimulated by an Egg Custard Tart sprinkled with Nutmeg
A perfect remedy after tonsillectomy time
Abscessed teeth, blessed are the meek
Damned are rude bloggers whose rudeness is a crime

Coming back to morning.
Well travelling in the poop and blood of the unworthy
Gliding over water most accomplished
Hunting through cracks of light and dusk
Tasting many delicacies
the rare Triffid Zydeco fish
and those bloggers most phony
like Jogger the Pony

A Poem by the Cloned Corpse of Marcus Tal inspired by the inspirational blog of Kyahgirl

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Based on Calculations to the Infinite

Shiftclick modified time
Based on calculations to the infinite
by Cakesniffing Tina
Creating web site with a subtext of Minima Shift
For all our reading Pleasure
Nevertheless, Cakesniffers Beware!
Tasty like a Dime Bar,
Broadcast to the ether from Doolittle Ranch
Reaching friends and Super Bloggers
Frobisher, Fuckkit, Inexplicable Device and Jonniker Mother
A shining example of the package of time around my upper lip
A beam of intermittent sunshine finally claws inspired into my mouth
No regrets
No waiting
Whether inside my car, I think for being shifty

A poem inspired by the wonderful blog of shiftclick
by the Cloned Corpse of Marcus Tal

Saturday, April 01, 2006


In response to the Dehydrated One's critically acclaimed article on Macaroons some sneaky Poppinjay has leaked the location of our hidden Sacremento bunker, from where we plot to bring humanity the finest poechemetical inspiration and Macaroons, to the world's media.

Below is the proof! The Dehydrated One will look into our security issues and we will SLAM EVIL should an attack by the forces of darkness be imminent! The Macaroons are ready fellow bloggers, are you ? SUPER BLOGGERS CLUB HO!

An Entry from The Cloned Corpse of Marcus Tal's Enchiridion of the Strange and Wonderful: The Titibumus Poppinjayass

Titibumus Poppinjayass is pictured on the Right

Name: Titibumus Poppinjayass

The Titibumus Poppinjayass to give its vernacular title is a particulary rare and vociferous sub-species of the Poppinjay genus. Although it does not display the strutting characteristics of most Poppinjays, this particularly large specied is known for its unrivaled love of Maltesers and fine Chinese Food. It is mostly sendentiary creature, spending most of its time ruminating on how it could be better spending its time and avoiding staircases. Harmless unless provoked, the Titibumus Poppinjayass has been known to sit on predators which threaten its hard earned collection of Kinder Surprise Toys, mock its physical resemblence to British comedian Les Dawson, or point out the futility of its existence.