Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Innerspace of a Pincushion

Time whispers on the littlest Pincushion "That Henry is ‘Him’"…
One Needle jauntily walks away
On springy steps savouring every ounce of their Poems.
Desmond's Electromagnetic anomaly makes pins sway
The streets and spills through sinew and a bleeding heart,
Sorrow walks the jungle whilst Jack is an idiot
Cutting through lands unforgiving
Puffed up trying to access the Innerspace of a Pincushion
To the same spot never the same background
When random worlds take hold of the text
Hidden from the sight of God
Lost it seeps through me, now and next in the land of Nod

A Poechemitical Opus inspired by the mighty poetry of Pincushion by The Cloned Corpse of Marcus Tal

Monday, May 22, 2006

Pounding, Sliding, Passionate Gesticulation of Their Really Awesome Things

Malmsteen’s Love Truncheon,
found a home of inside the anus drive of a good Disdained Servant, Duse.
Because frigid temperatures will do
To any emotions he sacrificed his plumbing to Malmsteen’s manhood most bogus
that gave sunscreen tips as a bonus.
Their sexual battle roar manifested the least of their lust
Pounding, sliding, passionate gesticulation of their really awesome things
The little fat man Malmsteen ejaculated in Duse’s nostrils
No creamy milk ness escaped the nasal cavities
Without leaving my imagination for a euphemism or a grammatically dodgy sentence,
Duse, 8221,was fucked like the spiteful Loner he was
The instability & hedonistic justification of Malmsteen reached a new apogee
as Duse was fisted with realistic Bear Paws
More Duse cried, "I want more"…

A Sonnet inspired by The Duse's love for Yngwie Malmsteen

Monday, May 08, 2006

Detroit and Fearless

Messages from the tank
Your ART,Detroit and Fearless,
Some pictures from the Tank
Through which I was able to see you wank and stuff
In the sphere you love the Tank
Only the Ignorant remain
Beguiled by the faux Lifeless and physical strength,
Self discipline, tenacious memory,
An undying quest for love sure
While you kiss your own hard Phallus
Thousands of your feats
Not possessed of inspiration
The credit belongs to the critic
Who counts, nor the country and Monday
Seeing through your tank and desperation

A Poem by the Cloned Corpse of Marcus Tal inspired by the nincompoopery of David Blaine

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Farewell to the Fuckitt

The two faces of an ANGEL

Fuck knows why I Do This
In the Almost Happenings of my work,
Where foul ones decide to honour the teeth of Hell
I bare my teeth to know good things
In a polite and coherant manner to supplement my stomach
I did contemplate to leave a class of bricks.
Warrington Possibilities are those of Kebabs
And to family I Doth my cap & chips.
Biting of the waist the largest arse shocker
So Terribly British One of Slacking Helicopter
I fly to fresher pastures in some style
Leaving SUPER BLOGGERS and others behind to washeth their own

A Poem by the Cloned Corpse of Marcus Tal inspired the imminent departure of the mighty Fuckitt

Introducing: Phat Jamie: The Lion of Macedonia

Phat Jamie: The Lion of Macedonia, a real man's man

Phat Jamie: The Lion of Macedonia is the action packed Jack Bauer of Super Blogging and operates the UK embassy of THE SUPER BLOGGERS CLUB. He is a master of infiltration, subterfuge, exploration, Macedonian History, Eurovision Song Contest Trivia and hockey. If you need any information on disguise, ancient history, hockey, faking one's own death, Eurovision Song Contest winners or where to go on holiday for a great break he's your MAN...

Phat Jamie: The Lion of Macedonia returns to active duty in the SUPER BLOGGER CLUB after taking a well earned holiday following his pivotal undercover work during the notorious Who Killed the Cloned Corpse of Marcus Tal crisis of January this year. Phat Jamie: The Lion of Macedonia bravely and secretly infiltrated the camp of a leading suspect The Scruffy American to identify whether he was behind the horrific attempt on my life. This placed him at great risk from the Tal Shiar Death Squad of the Dehydrated Corpse of Marcus Tal who believed him a traitor to the cause of SUPER BLOGGING and the varying stages of the decaying Corpse of Marcus Tal. Phat Jamie: The Lion of Macedonia even had to take the ultimate step of faking his own death using his patented doppelganger technologies... Surely the mark of a real man's man!