Monday, January 16, 2006

NEWSFLASH: Strange and Wonderous Ways

Gather round of ye mortals for I have tidings of great tragedy to heap upon the unwashed masses who lurk upon this very Blog.

It is my sad duty to tell you about the strange fate that has fallen upon the Cloned Corpse of Marcus Tal.

My own cloned brother.

The picture above is the last we have of him before his Segway was struck by a missile upon Venice Beach.

The Cloned Corpse was taking his usual 11 o'clock drive upon the beach in search of inspiration for his poechemical work when he was struck down .

We do not known the Clone's current whereabouts or what state he is in.

Does anybody know?

Does anybody care?

Is there significance in the shards of Pike found on the scene?

Only time will tell


Anonymous Phil Hendrie said...

In a rare show of faith, I will provide you the clue to the clones possible downfall.

Scruffy's last known hangout.

Blogger Perfect Virgo said...

Am I allowed to say I like the picture of her botty?

Blogger The dehydrated corpse of Marcus Tal said...

As long as it's in the best possible taste

Blogger ~Sorrow~ said...

Hmm I was wondering what was up with the charred remains I found I my morning walk on the beach...
And someone on a segway speed nearly ran me over a mere hour before...

Blogger adfjkaj said...


Your days are numbered. For a final showdown, I dare you to visit:

Where the Grandmother of all Internet jovial battles will take place.

A Hendrie haven for people who are not afraid to eat, and debate and state their innocence.

Anonymous The Tal Shiar Death Squad Of The Dehydrated Corpse of Marcus Tal said...

We've been waiting for you there all along you ugly fool!

We are not impressed by your gamesmanship...

Blogger FP said...

Im so confused and hungry right now. However, I am intrigued with this discussion.


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