Monday, May 22, 2006

Pounding, Sliding, Passionate Gesticulation of Their Really Awesome Things

Malmsteen’s Love Truncheon,
found a home of inside the anus drive of a good Disdained Servant, Duse.
Because frigid temperatures will do
To any emotions he sacrificed his plumbing to Malmsteen’s manhood most bogus
that gave sunscreen tips as a bonus.
Their sexual battle roar manifested the least of their lust
Pounding, sliding, passionate gesticulation of their really awesome things
The little fat man Malmsteen ejaculated in Duse’s nostrils
No creamy milk ness escaped the nasal cavities
Without leaving my imagination for a euphemism or a grammatically dodgy sentence,
Duse, 8221,was fucked like the spiteful Loner he was
The instability & hedonistic justification of Malmsteen reached a new apogee
as Duse was fisted with realistic Bear Paws
More Duse cried, "I want more"…

A Sonnet inspired by The Duse's love for Yngwie Malmsteen


Blogger starbender said...

I'd do 'im!

Blogger African Mudskipper said...

Duse or the Fat Malmsteen person ?

Blogger starbender said...

fat malmsteen...........

Anonymous Which Black man said that? said...

Oh, and I want the boat!

Blogger Cocaine Jesus said...

i know where he lives.

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Anonymous Me Spammer said...

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Blogger Pincushion said...

Ahhh..the warcry..of human greed..more..more..more!!

Blogger the cloned corpse of marcus tal said...

Dear Pincushion

A peom is going to come your way shortly.

Kind Regards


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