Monday, May 08, 2006

Detroit and Fearless

Messages from the tank
Your ART,Detroit and Fearless,
Some pictures from the Tank
Through which I was able to see you wank and stuff
In the sphere you love the Tank
Only the Ignorant remain
Beguiled by the faux Lifeless and physical strength,
Self discipline, tenacious memory,
An undying quest for love sure
While you kiss your own hard Phallus
Thousands of your feats
Not possessed of inspiration
The credit belongs to the critic
Who counts, nor the country and Monday
Seeing through your tank and desperation

A Poem by the Cloned Corpse of Marcus Tal inspired by the nincompoopery of David Blaine


Anonymous starbender said...

Isn't he out of there yet?
Luv'd the poem, such talent!
I was bettin he couldn't hold
his breath for almost 9 min. I wonder if he did it or not?

Blogger African Mudskipper said...

He Failed, it was his DESTINY...

Anonymous Germans Love David Hasselhof said...

David Hasselhof NEWS:

NEW YORK (Hollywood Reporter) -- The talking car K.I.T.T. is heading to the big screen in an adaptation of the hit 1980s TV series "Knight Rider."

Series creator Glen A. Larson will write and executive produce the Weinstein Co. project, which he anticipates will begin production next year. The project had previously been in development at Sony-based Revolution Studios.

Larson has bandied about the project for years. "A number of people wanted to do a pure comedic send-up of it, but I always felt that would throw away the franchise," he said. "There was always some humor on the show, but this film will probably have more gallows, foxhole humor.

Despite the darker tone, he said he would aim for a PG-13 rating because he doesn't want to exclude the series' core audience. The show ran on NBC from 1982-86.

The story centers on the tale of a police investigator shot in the line of duty who is nursed back to health by a mysterious millionaire. He's given a new name (Michael Knight), a new face and a new car to help him continue his work. As in the pilot, he also seeks revenge on the criminals who left him for dead.

Larson wouldn't say whether David Hasselhoff, who starred in the series, would appear in a cameo or if William Daniels would reprise his role as the voice of K.I.T.T.

Other Larson TV series being developed as film adaptations include "Magnum, P.I." at Imagine Entertainment and "The Fall Guy" at Warner Bros. Pictures.

Blogger Jonathan said...

Thanks for stopping by at Bloody Awful Poetry,Cloned Corpse of Marcus Tal! Sorry there wasn't any real poetry for you there though! ;-)

J x

Anonymous Crew from the SWAN hatch said...

I've often wondered who is more powerful.

The Tal Shear Death Squat or.....

The Dharma Initiative........

Anonymous Clones suck ass said...

You stupid nazi!

Blogger the cloned corpse of marcus tal said...

Radiant Jonathan

Thank you for your visit. Please come again.

Kind Regards

Blogger the cloned corpse of marcus tal said...

Clones Suck Ass,

We are not Nazis. I fought for the free world's freedom decades before you were born. I have earned my freedom with toil, struggle and sacrifice. I suspect the only time you can extoll these fine virtues when you defacate on your mother's toilet.

Good Day you insolent Poppinjay!

Kind Regards

Blogger the cloned corpse of marcus tal said...

Crew from the SWAN hatch,

Only the Dehydrated Corpse of Marcus Tal can answer this question as they serve our cause under his command.

The Dharma Initiative sound very suspicious. Who are these poppinjays you speak of ?

Kind Regards

Anonymous The Jack Bauer Power Hour said...

The Jack Bauer Power owns both

The Dharma Initiative
The Tal Shiar Death Squatters


Blogger Cocaine Jesus said...

i tried kissing my own hard phallus once (well sucking it really) and managed to get my leg behind my head before the cramp set in. my mum was a trifle shoked to see her naked son spinning around on the bathroom floor like a top though.

Anonymous The Jack Bauer Power Hour said...

I think it was a metafor mate!

Anonymous Kraken Overlord-Godmaster Squid Lord of the Antartic Ocean said...

Do not mock Blainetology

David is a better person than you because he has millions of dollars and the greatest magic since Jesus.

To think you left such a nice message on his site.

You people are a disgrace to the human race...

Blogger The dehydrated corpse of Marcus Tal said...

THe Tal Shiar Death Squad is more than capable of dealing with the Dharma Initiative as they specialise in defeating any opponent that has mysterious as ones of its leading traits.

However you are right to be concerned about such a match up but let me reasure you that the Death squad had special dharmic training only last year at the Karuna Budhist Centre in Reykjavik. THey are now fully trained in the Sutra of the Four Noble Truths and other discourses, the principal source of the Hinayana, or Lesser Vehicle, of Buddhism. THey are also masters of the the second and third Wheels of Dharma, which include the Perfection of Wisdom Sutras and the Sutra Discriminating the Intention, respectively.

THey have also learned a new war cry that I must now demonstrate

Youve been served!

Anonymous sawyer said...

Q: Why does a dog lick his private parts?

A: Because he can...

Now, the Dharma Initiative powered by Zeek, the friendly Seabilly is invisible. Even Henry Gale imposter man realized that.

Anonymous President Logan's Executive Order said...

Bring me the heads on silver platters of:

1. The Dharma Initiative,
2. The Tal Shiar Death Squad of Marcus Tal
3. The Dehydrated Corpse of Marcus Tal

And no mistakes, enough innocent people have died already today.

Anonymous John-Paul McCrohon said...

Dear Netizens,

I think we are all losing sight of the mellifluous and touching power which this flower of poetical prose is.

Yours Sincerely

John-Paul McCrohon
Amateur Actor, Director and Impressario.

Anonymous leroy said...


can you please speak american?

Blogger Inexplicable DeVice said...


Look out below! Incoming Kamikaze Macaroon!



Whoops! Sorry...

Anonymous goop said...


Blogger Simon Langer said...

Hi, I was surfing the internet and came across your blog. I'm quite impressed , with how it makes such good reading.

This is one to watch.

Many thanks,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go F@#k yourself Simon

Anonymous turdburglar said...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And Scat isn't ?


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