Monday, April 24, 2006

Cyberpoem Fantastique

Webpage and Internet Evaluation and ontology ?
Discussion Orientation are sinister powers angry?
Evaluating the materials?
Is a page posted? When was the material?
An e-mail epistemology?

Is not matter depending upon the material
in the content is there a warning sign
that outside or spurious information
may be the very nature of these pages

Websites assumed to various organizations
On the information unique
In physics, biology, genetics and history may yield a secret
Whilst evaluating the National Rifle Association and Government sites

The very nature of the very
Useful to prospective students,
Offering outlets to sell themselves
Concise Grammar of netizen banter selected
like Brideshead Revisited.

This material is a point of websites
The content however hard of information sources evaluating
Witterings and rants
Relentless, an online army of termites and ants
Grand schemata and afterthoughts
Behind the screen, and in reality, generated from ones and noughts

A poechemitical opus crafted by the Cloned Corpse of Marcus Tal


Anonymous Deutshce Anonymouz said...

Ein Meisterwerk. Sie sprechen für das cyber Erzeugung. Sie sind der Prophet des cyber Erzeugung...

Anonymous My Name Is Anus said...

This is the gayest thing I've ever read...


Please un-gay this blog. Thanks.

Blogger the cloned corpse of marcus tal said...

Dear my name is anus (which I sincerely believe it is not)

Your homophobia is most upsetting given the poverty of emotion, taste and compassion for your fellow human beings evidenced in your own blog.

Young sir, you had better pray the man-tiger who is the Dehydrated Corpse of Marcus Tal or his macaroons have not read your comments. With his dashing boyish looks, designer glasses, and metrosexual casual and official wear I can imagine his Warlords fury at your ignorance as he stuffs some of the rare and abrasive Scottish Macaroons he has recently caught down your underpants as punishment.

Kind Regards

Blogger duse said...

Dear the cloned corpse of Marcus Tal (Whom I don't know who he was before the cloning and am too lazy to Wikipedia-ize),

Some of us have minions who leave (often offensive, or at least questionable) comments on other peopleseses websites because they think it's funny. I am one of those people with minions, but I do not request my minions do this. They are, in fact, disobedient turdbags.

The only reason I've come to say this, is because your blog amuses me in its word mutationery, and I do not wish a flame-war with you, or your alleged metroboyishly sexual good looks.

Sincerely, Duse (My name is not anus)

Blogger Inexplicable DeVice said...

I'm slightly disappointed - I'd hoped that Anus was his real name. Ha! Imagine being called Anus...

001101000001101001 001101100

Blogger Garnish said...

I, sir, would like to coddle your brown. You knoweth what I mean; prithee fairest maidman - dost thou bear the weight of a soul so plentiful and bossomy with grapes? Suck filth. It calls thee as though ye were a vast chasm of lentilous chivalry - for naught! Golly fudge slinger! Desperate attempt at fogging the air with the greatest of brown - from thy shorts. Shorts so heavy with darkness that I shall avert me eyes and set Medusa's minions upon thee. Snakes will drip toilessly from the trees and wing apples at your head. The Super Bloggers Club shall be defeated. With the anus of happiness.

Anonymous Pile of dead raccoons said...

Ok - who is this wanker? WANKER?

Blogger the cloned corpse of marcus tal said...


I fear for your safety when the dehydrated one reads your puerile comments. As much a dignified and thoughtful gentleman he is, reading this will stoke his man-fire and produce an eventually devasting response. I fear for the children...

As it was on Sunday Morning, Jogger the Pony failed to arrive for the duel. By default the SUPER BLOGGERS CLUB is victorious. Know this Garnish, push us too far and Kyahgirl will unleash the hounds, and Cocaine Jesus the Coconut Committee Macaroons the most righteous bureaucratical macaroons of them all. All whilst Inexplicable Device and other SUPER BLOGGERS and their macaroons wait in the wings.

Believe me, you do not want this veritable and metaphorical pistol whipping to occur in public. You will be humiliated... How will you explain this too your mother?

Kind Regards

Blogger the cloned corpse of marcus tal said...

Also Deutsch Anonymouz, If I find you leaving any rude messages on this or any other SUPER BLOGGER sites like you have Fuckkit's I will ban you.


Anonymous my name is anus said...

Calm down, my minions...calm down. We should attack in time, not space.

Garbled dance and tongue in foo
Gerbil wheel and sandy coo
Poet fire and sunny wing
I'll figure out the fastest clue

Tarled dug and swishy face
Salad dog and gnarled ace
Three of diamonds wins the hand
Funky farter painted chase

Boop-a-linger, dinkle doo
I know what is good for you
Stop this blog my feathered friend
Or suffer consequencial ends

Setting sun in dark blue sea
Swimming to insanity
Porpoise laughing in the waves
Chally starkle fally fain

Liquorice sip of purple dew
Looks like ugly fish-eye stew
Staring up from that old pot
Fish-eye got the best of you

Super Blogger Club is gone
Sleeping like a dummy paun
Feel the pilot fly away
Ne'er see the bullet, faun.

Goober fatty; starbucks cream
Sour as a scarlette dream
Cross the avenue with pride
And now you're on the other side

Pride is such a word for you
Rainbow banners in the goo
Yellow hanky in your pants
Thumpy music at the chance.

The End (for now)

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Blogger Garnish said...

You not know who Garnish is...
I AM GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pistollas are for the weak. I desire a battle of the wills with my throng of bloggers who follow me and do my bidding.

Meet the crew:
Storm Trooper
My name is anus
Dog Breath
Webster the cat

We shall overcome your evilness. We shall overcome. We are united by the civil rights movement. Praise MLK Jr. I have a dream...that my four little children...YEah!

You have attracted the most determined nemesis you can EVER imagine. We are all...and yet we are none. We are everywhere...and yet we are nowhere. We are the essence of all. Bam! Like Emeril.

The police are coming to get you. My police. They want your liver. Defend yourself with religious hockey sticks and ginger (not garlic).

See you soon.

Blogger the cloned corpse of marcus tal said...

Dear My Name is Anus,

With poetry like such you prove you are indeed a DARK SUPER BLOGGER...

The Apocalypse draws near it would seem...

As for your homophobic crew... Inexplicable Device will be more than a match for all of them combined with his unique brand of surrealism.

No my friends, this is just the beginning. Now if you don't mind I need to go an re-charge my hearing aide. All these threats of violence to an elderly cyber poechemist have left me a little deaf.

Kind Regards

Anonymous WireWool Mullet said...

I come back after a few months and thje sites stilll going? What the FUCK?

Ganish or whatever fucking retarded name for a cunt that is you and your troop of pricks don't look too sacy where I'm from. As big a douche as the corpses are... Talk aboiut crap breeding crap... what a buncj of arseholes.

Anonymous WireWool Mullet said...

BTW Hitlerman? What type of stupid retarded, cretinous, 2 inch cunt-runt of a boy would call themsleves that...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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