Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Inexplicable Leonardo DeViceo

Dear Super Bloggers everywhere,

I apologise for not publishing my fine poems over the last week. I have recently suffered from Chocolate poisoning. The dehydrated one is investigating any signs of foul play as I write. Now that my blood sugar levels have normalised I bring the universe my latest object'd'art...

Inexplicable Leonardo DeVice at first glance,
appeared to increase gravity
Once with his cups outside,
Give little more slack than his face.
Four cans of probability
possibly have chucked the device to the dark side
And yet erect down in the water
over my first glance
A Mouse doth appeared to have eaten it

Anyway his unworn pants, surged over the front door,
Spinning around a door knob of turd with a fragile metal skin!
Leonardo Deviceo moans let me in...
Dark Champagne chocolate, stenchful hazelnuts
Natures Chocolate Without bothering
cross bred with pet macaroons from Brigadoon
It is fair to say with his mastery of weird science & prose
As one case is closed, Evil Bloggers are doomed...

A Poem by the Cloned Corpse of Marcus Tal inspired by the intense blog of Inexplicable Device


Blogger Inexplicable DeVice said...

* fans eyes to dry the pesky moisture before it collects and spills down my cheeks *

In essence: Me!

I shall now endeavour to SLAM more EVIL than ever before!

Thank you so much.

Anonymous Jogger the pony said...

Get a life, fishwich face!

Blogger the cloned corpse of marcus tal said...

Jogger The Pony,

I challenge thee to a duel on Venice Beach, CA Sunday morning at sun rise. Pistols or sabres, you can decide. But know this, I will avenge the honour of all the SUPER BLOGGERS you have blighted you FAILED BLOGGER!

I will take your non-participation should it happen as proof supreme ineptitude and cowardice.

Kind Regards

Blogger The dehydrated corpse of Marcus Tal said...

Well said clone brother

Anonymous starbender said...

How the words flo....
Chocolate poisoning?
Damn that 'lil Easter Bunny.
I knew he was up 2 no good
this year!

Anonymous Jogger the increasingly angry pony said...

I challenge you to projectile defecation at 15 paces. I shall defeat your pitiful attempts at witicism with my finely honed rectal muscles. Should our duel fail...we'll have a "squat-off". You imagine the logistics...

You are lame.

Super Bloggers Club gets a thumbs down. Boo.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jogger the Pussy more like

Anonymous Anonymous said...

jogger das ist der failure

Blogger the cloned corpse of marcus tal said...

Dear Jogger

Your defacation duel is a most pathetic childish suggestion. I shall enjoy smacking your teenage backside with my swordcane come the end of our destined to be short lived duel.

Let me also assure you that if you chicken out of our duel, you will suffer at the hands of the dehydrated one.

And so you should be afraid. Akin to Mr Jack Bristow, he is a man of integrity and dignity capable in a split second of acts of ruthless graphic violence. You and your loved ones will not be safe. Be warned with his training and warlord intellect he is a far deadly opponent in the combat and martial arts than I.

Be afraid, dear Jogger.

Kind Regards

Blogger Crazy Dan said...

How can anyone hope to beat your finely toned rectal muscles!!

Blogger Crazy Dan said...

I was just following links and sorry to post again but whats with all the hate toward other people? Is it not ok to visit someones blog and post a comment??

Anonymous Jogger The Penitent Pony said...


I appreciate the gravity of the situation and surrender. I also apologise for the childish and unimaginative threat of rectal projectiles.

I am a fool

I bit off moor than I can chew

The dyhyradeted one looks too much of a rock solid man to mess with

I Jogger the Pussy

U and the SUPER BLOGGERS CLUB own my arse

I feel such a talentless, failed blogger fool. A loser to dare even sully the greatness of you and fine blogger buddies

Will you and the SUPER BLOGGERS CLUB ever find it in your hearts to forgive my pathetic, attention seeking actions

Please forgive me

Please think of the children

Anonymous Battle Action Force CCADS said...

Dear Netizens,

I think we are all losing sight of the mellifluous and touching power which this flower of poetical prose is.

IF only this Cloned Corpse and his Dehydrated partner could craft an equally inpsired play for our intrepid troup. We would storm the heavens of amateur dramatics, blazing to our own artistic valhalla!

What do you say fine wordsmiths? Can we have the merest indication you could craft BAF CCADS a meisterwork?

Yours Sincerely

John-Paul McCrohon
Amateur Actor, Director and Impressario.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do I win?

Anonymous Deutshce Anonymouz said...

Sie gewinnen nichts! Sie livered lilly coward und pathetisches spamster. Sie sind sehr Mist und die deutsche Standplatzschulter zum zu schultern, um Sie herauszufordern...

Blogger Kyahgirl said...

well despite the mysterious comments in the middle, I like your tribute to our Idv.

Blogger Inexplicable DeVice said...

What is the meaning of this textual duelling?

I am pleased to see The Corpses of Marcus Tal have vanquished the cowering Jogger et al. And without employing the squadron of Murderous Macaroons.

The Super Bloggers Club is once again triumphant over the forces of Evil. And the forces of Bad Spelling.

Victory is ours!

Blogger collector of ideas said...

How do I go about laying my hands on a macaroon?

Do you yourself own them, or are they a imported pet?

Keep it up!

Blogger Cocaine Jesus said...

i think jackson pollock should have re-painted the cysteen cattle.


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