Saturday, May 06, 2006

Introducing: Phat Jamie: The Lion of Macedonia

Phat Jamie: The Lion of Macedonia, a real man's man

Phat Jamie: The Lion of Macedonia is the action packed Jack Bauer of Super Blogging and operates the UK embassy of THE SUPER BLOGGERS CLUB. He is a master of infiltration, subterfuge, exploration, Macedonian History, Eurovision Song Contest Trivia and hockey. If you need any information on disguise, ancient history, hockey, faking one's own death, Eurovision Song Contest winners or where to go on holiday for a great break he's your MAN...

Phat Jamie: The Lion of Macedonia returns to active duty in the SUPER BLOGGER CLUB after taking a well earned holiday following his pivotal undercover work during the notorious Who Killed the Cloned Corpse of Marcus Tal crisis of January this year. Phat Jamie: The Lion of Macedonia bravely and secretly infiltrated the camp of a leading suspect The Scruffy American to identify whether he was behind the horrific attempt on my life. This placed him at great risk from the Tal Shiar Death Squad of the Dehydrated Corpse of Marcus Tal who believed him a traitor to the cause of SUPER BLOGGING and the varying stages of the decaying Corpse of Marcus Tal. Phat Jamie: The Lion of Macedonia even had to take the ultimate step of faking his own death using his patented doppelganger technologies... Surely the mark of a real man's man!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why does he have a helmet ?

Anonymous WireWool Mullet said...

Cos hes a retarded cunt who needs it to keep his brains in place. If he has any you dufus


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