Thursday, August 17, 2006

Never As Porky As Shatner Bill

Two glorious declarations from Leifo are
the best vehicle to communicate
such ridiculousness and power.
His character is an enigma, we cannot understand him
There is poultry, fish, beef in the fight with his spreadsheets.
For as kind regards are posted
Infatuations with William Shatner, do indicate a tit
L-H-K’s phosphorus posts had the quality of a minor hit.

But by the muscles of The MARCUS TAL FOUNDATION
and vitamins as such
His legal team try to say this site is wrong
Apparently, or fortunately, it is paved with dire nonsensical content
of a lamely surrealist bent
Which carry oxygen to the sound model of until…
It is rare and bloody, to fight its best
But never as Porky as Shatner Bill, or the internet censors will.
The Corpses & co face a test
Exploring new boundaries of naff their basis
For the bacon is all about life
Sometimes all there be, an indifferent stasis

A Poem by the Cloned Corpse of Marcus Tal inspired by L-H-K


Blogger I am The Swirling Chaos Between Your Eyes said...

Well, what can I say which hasn't been said already...nothing


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