Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Telephones with Leifo featuring YOUTUBE Videos

As everyone who works with me knows I have a love & hate relationship with telephones. I feel sometimes they are not the best vehicle to communicate so I SLAM them.

This is public service dial telephone advet about using a telephone:

It is very interesting don't you think ?

In the future of Star Trek with Pat Stewart telephones are replaced with elegant tricorders like these:

Dont know about you but I prefer the classic version.

But the magic of Star Trek inspired new technology that allows conversation to spread by phone across the world. Here in this video Japan some girls talk in their mobile phone.

I cannot understand them very well. They sound very similar don't you think?

Of course the need for greater coverage for mobile networks means boosters and masts everyhwhere. Sometimes accidents happen and flying Cats get stuck on them as below:

Here is a clip from the movie 'Commando'. No telephones, pure action as I go about my daily work routine:

This clip might interest you. I go through the same ritual before I go to work each day. Commando is a might man:

Now if I was a visit booker this would be what I do! Luckily I am a more evolved form of 'leif'? ;)

Until next time


Anonymous Governator said...

Commando in the best

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's Good To Talk

Great videos

Anonymous Ebeeneezer Scrooge said...

Weird Al Yankovic is neat-o.

Tiny Tim, God Bless Tiny Tim.

Blogger David E. Patton said...

The old style phone comm. was a hoot to watch.

Blogger DEAD123456789 said...

Hi David

I am pleased you liked my videos.

Anonymous New World Order said...

YO BLAIR (bitch) get the phone! It's your master BUSH.

Blogger DEAD123456789 said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Anonymous starbender said...

haha! Those were great!
...and kitty ALWAYS lands on his feet!!!

Anonymous Knauff Monster said...

Yee of big words and stoff.

Hide behind words named with Knauff.

You roll up little balls of sh*t.

Yee who reads these lines of wit.

Shall eat these little balls of Sh*t.

Anonymous Knauff Monster said...

Just kidding.

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Blogger Cocaine Jesus said...

a liberal use of custard would be advisable. obviously before being consumed.

Blogger DEAD123456789 said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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