Friday, June 09, 2006

The Women of Britain by SCRUFFY

Scruffy American: RIP

The women of Britain by SCRUFFY is a poem inspired by the departed
All whilst the French and its global alliances tear apart our not so polite dictatorship
With poison pen letters sent via the Greek postal service
Greece will comfort them as lipstick is applied to excuses
AWAY in my body so Scruffy
Calling for Miss MENTALLY ill person
Who would have enough change from of my two EUROS
for something like a Strawberry Flan?
Romance is an accidental plan
If we have to ride people
British Women and Scruffy American
Ride each other like a roller coaster
Popping in and out like warm bread from a toaster
We could even make a BABY girl
And occasionally walk her to Washington D.C.
To see unusual individuals
Leaving British Women in a highly polished state

A Poem inspired by the departed ramblings of the Scruffy American in Greece.


Blogger African Mudskipper said...

Scruffy Quest begins

Anonymous Scruffy American said...

Let's get one thing straight. I never made a disparaging remark about British women's toes.

But, I can't say I enjoy their dental work or cooking though.

But, of course my best horizontals have come from British "Birds" during my pre-marriage days in Greece. And Conservative British women were the best.

Blogger African Mudskipper said...

Is Scruffy the Phantom? The Ghost that Walks with the power of ten tigers?

Blogger starbender said...

Where do they find shoes?

Blogger DEAD123456789 said...

I do not understand why some of this blog is very silly


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