Sunday, July 30, 2006

Eureka! The Worlds First Humaroon joins THE SUPER BLOGGERS CLUB

Please welcome fellow poet, ironing board, and mime artist the WORLDS FIRST half man/half Macaroon hybrid to the SUPER BLOGGERS CLUB:

Name Censored by litigant's attorneys at law WOLFRAM & HART

I am very sure all the young female readers out there will be pleased to feel his striking young face and personality slipping through the cyberether.

Unfortunately L-H-K is too busy working on his spreadsheets at the moment to post or even comment. However, I am reliably informed he will make some such effort tommorow.

Kind Regards


Blogger Don Iannone said...


Thanks for stopping by Conscious Living. Thought I would see what your blog is about and just say hello. Wow. A few eye catchers here.

Blogger DEAD123456789 said...

Hi Don

Glad you popped by.



Anonymous HIM said...

Who is Leif Garrett anyways? Isn't he some over the hill singer?

Blogger DEAD123456789 said...


I'm Leif from Denmark. I am real person with a real name. I do not hide behind pseudynoms.

Blogger Inexplicable DeVice said...

Hello. I'm glad you're a human/macaroon hybrid rather than a macaroon/human hybrid. The few Macaromans which survived were evil. Pure, to be slammed, evil!

Blogger the cloned corpse of marcus tal said...

Too True Inexplicable One!

The saga of the Macaromans is a dark and shameful episode in Macaroon history. We attempted to play god with Macaroons. We were doomed to failure.

May the Lord have mercy on our souls

Anonymous Soon to be departing said...

Looks like the games up!


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