Sunday, July 23, 2006

An Ode to Weakling Scum

Greetings, poetry fans. I have returned from my extended holiday in Bavaria supporting the TEAM USA soccerball team. IT is a shame those Italian Poppinjays won the World Cup after the elbow and lashings they dealt out to my boys in the group stages. Alas, here is poem about those arch jackanapes of the tournament, PORTUGAL

This a ploy
to enjoy the shots of Part one to Three
It its fair to have my doubts
Exactly why they keep falling over
Much in identifying the Portugese's shifty looks
a little more frightening and weak legs
DeviaTING from the true spirit Line of fairplay
The weakling spirit of the Portugese
Under the imposing Big Phil Hackman
First of giving the shots of the motions
Then simply falling over
Not cursed with skinny bodies, arms and heads
Rather, unfortunately, the weakling spirit

A Threnody to Fairplay by the Cloned Corpse of Marcus Tal..


Blogger The dehydrated corpse of Marcus Tal said...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mate you look weak. Does you mummy let you out after dinner ?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you seen David Hooselfhoof's new video "Get out of my car". Google it! It's the rage all in Europe with that hot Victorian Secrecy model you know.

Blogger African Mudskipper said...


Anonymous Phat Jamie said...

Soccer is for wusses.


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