Sunday, March 05, 2006

Alvar Hanso's Fake Beard

Holy Alvar Hanso's Fake Beard Batman
Worn in times undercover and that is so
Dogged fake beard Fans
attempt to debunk that
the legendary Alvar Hanso
Yet he has more in common with Red Herrings

That legendary Alvar Hanso with his faux beard
When we met him in Exodus Part Two
Dreaming of high quality hatches & kitchens
eating food and infiltrating the competition pages of Rugged Elegant Man Weekly
The printed cornucopia of notable hairy men

50 days he dreamt
His fake beard making him smarter than the survivors
The shabby beard enigmatically replies, "You Jack"?
Scholars ruminate & refer to it being an almost muppet like character
With wild hair and a house for not making a list on his 1970s Dharma kitsch coffee table?
Angels left singing a golden Chorus "Holy Alvar Hanso's Fake Beard"

A Poem by the Cloned Corpse of Marcus Tal


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A Beardy Bloke but no macaroons? What is this place coming to?

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Anonymous WIRE WOOL MULLET said...

Ha I see nobody visits this shrine to crap anymore

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