Monday, February 20, 2006

Google the last living bane of central European Ethnocentrism

Phylax Hellene
is threatened,
in a ton of the first thoughts of mankind
A heady brew of domestic Greek corruption & Greek Cypriot leaders
Using a Web search to inflict a religion of legislation.

Those even mentioned in favor of this
Yorgo; Greece and the Stalinists
would be a strong element
not as heavy as Strontium Dog.

The Phylax Posts
remain the right place
positive stress on good
genuinely disgusted with some foreign policy
the current approach to viewing pornography

Yet, the last to fall
Phylax Searched this
database of compuphobes and termites
To defy the parliamentary legal, judicial
and the three previous seasons of 24

For the feel the giant spider's touch and revel in its name
Google the last living bane of central European Ethnocentrism
The ark of evil web searches, the graven idol of computeriestes and hallowed compuphobes
Phylax Hellene is threatened
Accounting for the notorious modernizing regime of the internet and its massive Phallanx

A poechemitcal opus by The Cloned Corpse of Marcus Tal

Inspired by the blog of the mighty Phylax


Blogger adfjkaj said...

This is truly an honor. All of my blog contacts are being given a poem. You truly have outdone yourself with Phylax. I'll have to let Ted know to check your blog.

Blogger adfjkaj said...

Ted answered you with a poem in his reply to you on his blog

Anonymous Jay Santos said...

I am mystified by your clever poems. I read quite a few of your previous posts as well. It appears that this Scruffy American character is quite the pest. I went to his blog and read a few of his posts as well, and came across a comment you had made awhile ago. You had ascerted that Scruffy American might actually be a woman. However, I searched subsequent comments and no such follow-up was noted. Is one to believe that you are satisfied that Scurry is a man, or did you just drop the issue since he(she) did not press the issue either.

I'd like to see this go somewhere if possible because I really think that you two spend a lot on each other's blogs and might just be family mombers or something.

Anonymous Max Bialystock said...

If my name doesn't tell you anything...

Anonymous Remember it said...


Anonymous Howard Cosell said...

It's Spring time for (DELETED) and (DELETED).

Due to respect for those who may be offended by Max's play.

I certainly don't respect those evil people.

Blogger Cocaine Jesus said...

did someone say macaroons?


Yes, Macaroons

Now that the death squad are performing in the Tel-Aviv staging of 'The Producers' my cloned and dehydrated brothers have called me forth from the bowels of Birmingham UK to protect their macaroons and to smite the weak and offense. I am the only UK based member of the family and the hardest streetfighter alive. Any likeness between myself and Tekken's Bryan Fury is purely co-incidental.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bryan Fury is gay

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You were left a secret encoded message in an unknown part of your blog. You have not commented on it. If you cannot find it, please let me know and I'll give you a clue to it's location.

Anonymous Ted Laskaris said...

Massive Corpus of demonic love,
Corruption, fear, loathing,
As Marcus Tal advances,

The Mighty Phylax exits in blue dust,
Gray matter flying in mid-range without much ado,
For those who realize the essence of the Meeting,
Without honesty, without the solace of Unguents.

Fair, they said, fair and fearless in tandem,
Holding the tree, harshly,
Until Fear flies and Phylax shows the sentinel's aura,
In the path of blogs untangled.

He who shall point Marcus Tal,
Shall win the Kingdom of Blogging,
With angels and demons fighting in universal crush.

Before dawn.


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