Monday, January 23, 2006

The Phil Hendrie Poem

certainly more closely resembled renegade hoaxers
eponymous host stops and his voice dips
An on-air God will speak
Almost made more likely, the pips doth squeak

Everyone agrees he gets his cookies.
Hendrie finally had subsided, and short
One to judges
done for on TV Utter Failure

Those yammering dimwits on his talk shows
The audience for debate, the time
because cat sex is just beginning to decay
In an infinite pool of Christian Carrion crows

Everyone agrees he gets his cookies
Hendrie finally had subsided, and short
One to judges
Done for on TV Utter Failure

Up tips first hand on real people and families
Born house slippers
Spinning Robert Goulet records
One of a show, his American comedies

A Poem by the Cloned Corpse of Marcus Tal

Inspired by Phil Hendrie
Commissioned by Scruffy American


Blogger adfjkaj said...

Thank you Mr. Cloned Corpse. You are a man of your word.

Although I analyzed the poem you made for me and you appreciated it, with this poem I'm a bit stumped on some parts.

Is it possible you could explain the poem and how you came to write it as so.

I will do my part to ensure that Phil Hendrie finds it. And make no mistake, you will receive many hits for your poem now. Phil Hendrie's minions are many, almost legion and you will soon enjoy the benefit of these web hits.

Cheers, and Good Night

Anonymous Hattie Jaques' Pretentious Cheese Wog said...

I just luv all yor poems. I 'ave read all of them now. Yor quite the talented one. 'ave yer ever fought of writin' poems for television. 'ollywood is 'ave a lookin' for a few decent writers since the departure of the bloody legendary 'arvey Wireman. But, alas, right, the chuffin' good ones usually fizzle out. Keep up the good work lad.

Blogger the cloned corpse of marcus tal said...


You are most welcome. Popularity and the like does not concern me. Only art and Poechemy do

Kind Regards

The Cloned Corpse of Marcus Tal

Anonymous marchewix said...

I'm waitning for the poem in polish as u promised :)
Hope to see it here soon.
Greetings from the other side of this imaginary world.

Blogger the cloned corpse of marcus tal said...

Marchewix, in time I shall craft your poem. Hopefully by the end of the week.

Scruffy, dear boy, you must know by now, as my dehydrated state of being does, that my poechemy is inexplicable...

Kind Regards

Anonymous Shinzon said...

What have you done to the Dessicated Corpse you fiends ?

Anonymous The Tal Shiar Death Squad Of The Dehydrated Corpse of Marcus Tal minus Shinzon and Tomalok said...

Well Scruffy Americano

We are here with our baseball baats waiting to beat of the legionous fans of Phil Hendrie...

We don't see them...

Anonymous scuffy amerikano said...

soon soonnnn

Anonymous Me said...

One suggestion to achieve this would be to rename the poem.


So that peeoples can find it with Goggles when they Yahoooooooo.

Blogger the cloned corpse of marcus tal said...


I will try this as I am interested to test the veracity of Scruffy's assertions that it will spread the wonderful magic of the poechemitical pentameter to the unwashed masses...

Kind Regards

Anonymous R.C Collins said...

It's a big DOO Sandwich and we all gotta take a bite.

Anonymous Bobbi Dooley said...

Mr. Clone,

Me and the other mothers here at Western Estates want to thank you for such an enligtening post. Of course, you could visit us here at Western Estates, but you'd have to leave that mangy mutt behind.

We don't allow dogs in Western Estates.

Anonymous Raj Fanin said...

Yes, I have been in this country for some three years and of course I notice how America is like this fast food. If you see Americans, they love to have this. Everyday, they will go to the Tommy Burger or to the Carl Jr. or to the Burger King and the pig will eat this fast food. I think that this fast food is the one thing that American knows better than anything else since they are so stupid, if you will forgive me, about everything else that they will speak to you about. This man came to me at this place that I work and he said to me, "Do you think that America is a great place?" And he says this to me as he is having this fast food that he has on his desk and he is eating this like you would see an animal eat from, for instance, a slop bin, or the place that they put the slop, you know, on some farm in a village like the villages I would see as a child. And you would see in the villages the animals that the people would bring to town to sell or to carry the things that the people needed and the animals would eat slop as like Americans that I see eat the slop. Americans who eat the slop cannot possibly be educated to the events of this world that are shaping so much. And everyday as America presumes to dictate to the people of the Middle East that they should be free and have voting (and all of it an insult to the Middle East people who have lived forever with the kings and the way of the Leaf, which is to be tossed from a rooftop by state police as if you are a free leaf only heavier) the American will sit and eat, as if like the pig or the pack camel, the slop from the McDonald or the slop from the the Wendy or the slop from the Schnitzel which is so humorous to see Americans when they push with the heel of their hands the Schnitzel weiner down into themselves. My son loves America and he loves America because of this slop that he says to me, "Oh Daddy, won't you take me to the Schnitzel to eat," and I cry to him and say, "Jahav, why would you eat from the same slop pit that America eats from?" And he says back to me, "Because I love America, Daddy. It is where I was born." And now my wife who I took to my breast as my betrothed in the ritual of the Cleansing in my village of Houshmandzadeh, now she would wish to put away the veil and to take unto herself the slop of America. My wife, my son...this is what America has taken from me, with the pig bin and the slop bucket of Hardee's.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

? wtf ?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

WTF equals "World Trade Fund"


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