Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Inevitable Saturday

This is a picture of her botty

I am between my mother’s canal
I am in need, no words, Sausages are different, Rabbit vibrators are banal
I am the look of my finger and the taste of Lemon Curd
I am in his pants and his big word
I am Mysterious Gothic appeal of a special class
I am prone as I hear him pull my ass
I am tiny pieces of them across many miles
I am Perfect, hairless, baby soft moan and smiles
I am the inevitable Saturday swarming outside
I am a woman who craves every drip; drop off my waist and response.
I am the slit between him, my belly button and my hair
I am an electric orgy in your erotic wheelchair

A Poem by the cloned corpse of Marcus Tal
inspired by the weird and wondeful blog of Naiad


Blogger Naiad said...

This is probably one of the funniest blogs I have ever seen. I am honoured my corspe-like friend. And your picture is sexy too. ;)

Anonymous Red2 said...

The geese fly upside down at midnight.

You have been recalled. You will know what to do when needed.

Blogger the cloned corpse of marcus tal said...


Thank you for your compliments. I am confused as to why you find this blog funny though. Only the finest poechemtical pentameters of poetic inspiration are forged from the white hot heat of my Wordforge. Although, I appreciate humor I would never consider myself or my righteous artistic cause funny. I merely attempt to tell it like it is, via the magical vessels of poechemtical pentameters.

Kind Regards

the Cloned Corpse of Marcus Tal

Blogger adfjkaj said...

Hi Corpse,

I hope I have not taken my Phil Hendrie bit (a bit) too far.

Your blog is one of the few that I truly feel I can be silly without repercussion. I hope I haven't crossed the line with my consistent pressing of a Phil Hendrie poem.

Consider the issue closed and will never mention it again.

Oh, and the link I sent regarding:

This was not saying that you are boring me, but rather an actual website making fun of Americans in general (it's quite comical).

I hope you didn't think that I thought that you were boring me.

Because, most certainly, yours is the most entertaining blog I've been to yet.

So, I won't post again until I get the green light that all is ok.

Blogger the cloned corpse of marcus tal said...


Boring is word that has no moral equation with this site.

Kind Regards

Anonymous The Tal Shiar Death Squad Of The Dehydrated Corpse of Marcus Tal said...

Scruffy American know this...the dehydrated corpse of Marcus Tal has judged your site, and has found it wanting...

Our life is meaningless as long as you and your blog are still alive. What are we while you exist? A shadow? An echo?

Blogger adfjkaj said...

Yippee. Just saw your comment on my blog about Hendrie!!

The time is now "open season" on honoring yourself again..... (by the way, NOT MATURATION like that other wacky poster mentioned).

To the Tal-Shiar:

What we do in life echoes in eternity. So, you are required to kill, so you kill. Is that is enough?

That may be enough for the Tal-Shiar, but not enough for the Borg. Be advised that you will be assimilated should you try...

Blogger Gilbert Koh said...

The poem is cool. The comments perplex me. :)

Blogger the cloned corpse of marcus tal said...

As do they myself, Gilbert.

Blogger Phat Jamie; The Lion of Macedonia said...

Fear not Scruffy American; the mighty phalanx of Macedonia will save you from the Tal Shiar death squad.

Blogger adfjkaj said...

Thanks for the shout.

But as long as:



Anonymous Apu said...

I wud hily avise yu to quit bodering my frend Scruffy. don mak me limit your subscrptun to Gigantic Asses magazines.

Blogger Sorrow X said...

wad a splendid poem, so different from the rest, they bore me drop by for the joint poem, i would be wonderful to have yer contribution


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