Sunday, January 01, 2006

Manage by Geography: A Poem

But not an easy task is this.
For I am drawing the project cycles
coated in John Wagner's aura,
his balls resting on Clean Firetrucks
rather then merely dropping to left of them.

The work during this,
is the net you visit,
and I inhabit.

For although you may be a mere surfer,
Yet my return as an explorer of ideas
is in finding an amazing blogger.

Then basically put, ignored, or then treated as throwaways by many bloggers.
I note that middle good of their subjects,
laminating project cycles and wooly schemata,
upon each of their perambulating problema.

For you see I have a secret approach,
Given to me by GURU my coach, I manage by geography,
using my intellectual might to judge, fight
and sometimes flee.

For when I unveil the attitude which challenges the rough, personal,
finance-types and their attention rights.
I am really a normal guy with strange ideas,
not an anthropomorphic flying aqua badger in spandex tights.

But perhaps one day, who knows
they might hear dear Flying Aqua Badger.
Whose end business takes these crazy purposes,
on an exploratory traversal up a sphinxter.

A Poem by the cloned corpse of Marcus Tal

Inspired by the writings of internet communications guru
D. of the Flying Aqua Badgers


Blogger Gilbert Koh said...

Heheh. You're a very interesting poet, MT.

Blogger the cloned corpse of marcus tal said...

You are most welcome Gilbert. I am pleased you appreciate interesting.

Blogger Dan Hill said...

That's beautiful man. Oh, and the penultimate verse is genius.

Blogger the cloned corpse of marcus tal said...


I am pleased you find some amusement in the penultimate verse.

It came out better from my wordforge than the final verse by which time I was under the influence of too much cognac and a fine Cuban cigar.


the cloned corpse of Marcus Tal


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