Sunday, January 01, 2006

The Movie it has Slipped a Wiff of the Lion: A poem about Hollywood this Christmas (or any holiday season)

The Movie it has Slipped a Wiff of the Lion

At times in relation
to a more than confusingly laid out fridge.
There are some American audiences
to whom Camembert is as blood red
as the see-sawing King Kong monkey on top the world.

With my sobriety more audibly and visually comprised
than a drowning child's.
To a variety of the Internet Movie Database
the kid's screams were realised as Narnia's song
at least as most.

For, as many shit establishments produce their food,
we are meaningless, to their logic...
As the songs of Narnia and Skull Island
are a Festive Message

For although Batman, Batman, all is well...
Aslan's slipped wiff smells
of more than one undernourished pixel.

A poem by the cloned corpse of Marcus Tal


Anonymous El-Hadji-Diouf said...

This is a fine poem.

I really liked this years films at the cinema.

Reese Witherspoon was really good in King Kong.

Bolton will annihilate.


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